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Dean Moller/
Stranger by theMinute

I Don't Think So (Demo) - Dean Moller
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I Don’t Think So


Every life has Sunshine, and every life has rain

& Everybody’s got sex and survival on the brain

And they say that there’s a God up above

And a devil down below

And like Catholics and the Protestants

They fight for your soul


@And you’re telling me, you got the only plan,

You got the only way to go

Well I don’t think so. No I don’t think so

You can nail me up and burn me down

But I don’t think so


Now you can walk a straight line or you can leave the road

It don’t matter which way you go, you still carry that load

And when you’re looking for an answer,

To save you from the grind

 It’s like the Capitalists and the Communists

They fight for your mind




You know that it’s a good life, all things said and done

Even though it seems we’re heading right towards that loaded gun

And when you’re looking for the Light

It’s hard to know where to start

Cause like Republicans and the Democrats

They fight for your heart


Copyright@Dean Moller 2004


Live at Blues to Do
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